Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kitchen Decorating Themes: Choosing A Kitchen Island

If you were ever asked about the origin of kitchen islands, then you would probably not be wrong to trace its roots back to the medieval era. In fact the concept of the kitchen island was born in that period but it gained popularity only in the early 70’s and has been a part of mainstream kitchens ever since.

Beginning with a small table in the centre of the kitchen, they have progressed rapidly. Today they are making their appearance in several designs and styles.  After all, it is more than just a functional accessory. It really symbolizes a vortex, a hub of all activity apart from the centralized preparation of meals.

One thing you will want to keep in mind is that the overall theme of your kitchen plays a significant role in the kind of island you should have in the kitchen. Any mismatch between the theme and the island will mean it will be sticking out like a sore thumb. Not a pleasant sight.

The need for designer kitchen islands

Even though it can be a small table in the middle of the kitchen, people are looking for more. They want to add a sense of style and make the right statement even with the d├ęcor of the kitchen. No longer is the kitchen merely a service area where the food is prepared. Today, people are giving the kitchen equal importance on par with the other rooms in the house. Designer kitchens are rather common these days where every nook and corner is planned with utmost care.

Little wonder then that even designer kitchen islands are making their way in to homes all over the country.  It is yet another potent way of adding a personal style to the kitchen. A custom built island reflects great style and taste, in addition to transforming the kitchen in to an efficient work space and elegant entertainment corner.

More than just a functional accessory

An island is more than just an accessory that occupies 100 square feet of your kitchen’s floor space. These islands, made from the finest materials, are custom built, electrified, plumed and are essentially a ‘kitchen with in a kitchen’ with  several attachments like the sink, dishwasher, stove top and microwave in addition to the regular features like cabinets , racks and shelves.

With endless possibilities, these have become multi purpose, multi level intricately carved masterpieces. The different levels can be used to prepare food and even serve them. The hi-end kitchen islands house racks, cook books, shelves, bar sinks, deep fryers and other amenities. The emphasis is clearly on creating separate work areas.

Need help with designer islands?

If you though that designer islands with granite tops were the only ones that existed, then you need to take the help of the several websites that are dedicated to the cause of designer kitchen islands. The never-ending array of designs, finishes, colors and styles of these impeccable kitchen islands will leave you spell bound.

You’ll find loads of great ideas and even some really interesting concepts as well. The photo gallery is something you can never have enough of.

These islands with their never-ending possibilities are all set to become the touchstone of not just your kitchen but also of your entire home. When are you making them a part of your style statement?   

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